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Terms of Use

The administrators of Win-at-Roulette.org are not responsible for any visitor using the services of our website without knowing the present statements.
Minors are allowed to use the site only with the approval of the legal guardian. The current document could be changed at any moment, and the visitor must take all the necessary measurements to be updated about the statements at any given moment.
If you would like to use any material of the site, another set of terms and conditions must be applied. Violation of the current document would lead to immediate termination of any contractual relationship. Win-at-Roulette.org reserves the right to terminate the account of any user, and we are also reserving the right to ignore potential mails and messages from the respective user.
Terms acceptance
The content of Win-at-Roulette.org is available at any moment for any user. The articles, logos, and links will be called Materials in the present statement. We would refer to services such as customer support and maintenance as Services, and Win-at-Roulette.org would be called the Site. Underage visitors must read the document having the acceptance of the legal tutor.
Intellectual property
The materials present in the Site are fully owned by the Site's administrators of third party partners. You would need written consent from Win-at-Roulette.org to use, reproduce or copy any of the respective Materials. We would initiate legal complaint against any unauthorized usage of the Site's owning.
The visitors of Win-at-Roulette.org are obliged by law to respect and to protect the content of the website while using it.
Please read the next set of terms and conditions applied for users that would like to send materials to us (including ideas and comments that are referred as Feedbacks)
(i) you won't have to place confidential information in the feedbacks.
(ii) XXX won't take any obligation connected with its visitors playing games on partner's casinos.
(iii) XXX is reserving the right to use Feedbacks in its relationship with third parties, partners and other members of the group. The site can disclose partial or total information on public resources without any legal consequences.
(iv) the Feedbacks would become full property of Win-at-Roulette.org. The provider can use the information for his purposes
(v) no reward or compensation would be provided for Feedbacks

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