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Top Hatting

roulette top-hatting - imageIn case you think about real cheating, you should start about real punishment as well. Scared? No? Ok then, let's proceed. There are so many cheating methods that you can easily get lost among them. But again, those guys are watching you. They are carefully watching each move of the people that play any casino game.

We are talking now only about the land-based casinos and games. It is not interesting to cheat online as it is quite impossible. You know, I did not surprise you. You know that, I know that, they know that. Not a secret at all.

There are sometimes flaws in the software you can take advantage but in order to notice them you are to spend much time on looking for them. And it is not our topic now. We are talking about top hatting. And we are not talking about top-hat scheme, not retirement plans or something like that.

Cheating and Cheating Again

It is that type of cheating, when the dealer is involved. Well, at this point you should start thinking about your collaterals. You will have to find a deceitful dealer, who will be helping you in this game. The main idea is in the dealer's hands.

You make a bet. It shouldn't be a high bet, so that the roulette odds would be higher. So, for instance you are betting on high/low, red/black and so on. It should be closer to the dealer, as he is making the payouts.

Actual Scam

After you placed the bet, the wheel is spun, for instance you won. The dealer puts extra chips on your bet and that is how the bet is increased immensely. Pretty cool, ha? And you receive extra winnings. Smart dealers do not put many chips in order not to be noticed.

Why? The reason is that there are tons of pit bosses walking around, "eye in the sky" is watching all the time and the guys undercover are everywhere. But one thing you should realize is that either it is pastposting or Savannah move, you can and will get caught. Life is life…

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