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In the world of the illegal gambling there are so many things that we do not know about. If we knew about that, it would mean that there are some folks who were busted, imprisoned or got kicked out of the casino. Every year the casino staff, FBI guys and other services find the cheaters. So sweet! But not for them actually.

other roulette cheats - imageThat is the reason why you should not apply them. Nowadays it is more and more risky than ever before. Black Book is waiting for fresh faces and names. In case you don't know what Black Book is, you should remember that being inscribed into it is really bad.

Usually, the cheaters and the frauds, who were caught, are inscribed into the Book. They are forbidden to enter the casino and even play. If the casino lets these people in, it will be fined or even sued for that. And if the players, who were never caught but were taken to the back room of the casino, show up in the casino, the staff knows that they are "shady" as the casinos share information.


The cheaters are caught and the cheating scams are revealed. In some casinos there are same color chips for the roulette. And one of the scams that was applied to this very type of casino.

There was a team of the guys who bought in for the smallest value of the chip. And one of them bought in for $25 each chip. He simply asked the dealer to count his chips as more expensive ones. They were caught on switching the chips. One of the cheap chips guy went to the restroom and gave his chips to the one with the more expensive chips. How can you differ one chip from another, if everything is the same?

They were caught. Who knows how it would end for all of them? Some of the scams are watched and only then they are revealed and some scams are revealed accidentally, like it happened with Monique Laurent.

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Read the story of one of the best detectives and his famous book with the descriptions of various casino cheaters!

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