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Roulette Scams

What is cheating? Why is cheating? Where is cheating?

Well, roulette scams are interesting for our context. So, according to Oxford Dictionary defines cheating as "acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage." That is the first meaning. And it actually is true. The second meaning says "gaining an advantage or deprive of something by using unfair or deceitful methods."

Nowadays it is so difficult to cheat. The "eye in the sky" is everywhere. It is designed in such a way that it can see your cards, your chips and all your moves at the table. If you attempt to cheat, you can succeed but it would not happen more than few times.

Savannah Move

savannah move

Savannah move is a relatively new move among the cheating methods. It was made up or invented by Richard Marcus. He used to be a grand casino cheater, although he started as a nice guy. It is a pure cheating thing. You simply get two chips: one is $5 chip and another is $5000 chip. You put the higher value chip underneath the cheaper one. In case you did not win, you sharply take your bet away.

Top hatting chips

Top Hatting

You make a bet. After you placed it, the wheel is spun, for instance you won. The dealer puts extra chips on your bet and that is how the bet is increased immensely. Pretty cool, ha? And you receive extra winnings. That is how you do top hatting.

other cheats in casino

Other Cheats

There was a team of the guys who bought in for the smallest value of the chip. And one of them bought in for $25 each chip. He simply asked the dealer to count his chips as more expensive ones. They were caught on switching the chips. Sad day for them in incarnating their cheating scheme.

pasposting in roulette


The first man, who is known for bringing this cheating scheme, was Mumbles. He noticed that the dealer was making a mistake and later corrected it, but it was enough for Mumbles to see what happened and learn the lesson. He made real bets after the winning number was known and that is how he got rich. Just like in early times in horse betting people incarnated pastposting.

3 arrows

Roulette Section

Roulette players are considered to be the most innovative and creative when it comes to cheating. As the game has no mathematical strategies, the only way out is to make tricks with chips. The Roulette Section is one of the most popular ways of cheating where players have to work in teams and replace chips of the lower value to those with higher value.


Roulette Slide

Being one of the most popular and difficult at the same time, this type of pastposting is often used by many roulette players. The Roulette Slide method of cheating is always performed by a team of professional players willing to take a risk in order to win big. This is a trick with chips. Not everyone manages to succeed in it. Interested?


Roulette Mix-Up

Have you ever considered the fact that cheaters can be compared to actors. Really. The methods of roulette scams require lots of talent and good nerves to stay calm when doing illegal things. Roulette players are the ones inventing the most dramatic tricks with chips. These methods of roulette scams are usually performed by a group of people where everyone plays its part. The Roulette Mix-Up has truly theatrical plot.


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