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Balls Abramowitz

Balls Abramowitz earned his "nickname" for being wildly decisive. His actual name is Mark. And interesting combination of Jewish and Irish heritage played its role in the life of this man. As a gambler he was so filled with the gambling spirit that it seemed that such people do not exist.

Sometimes you have a thought that this man started gambling when he was wearing diapers, as his experience in gambling was immense before he became a cheater. Primarily, he was a sports bettor and made a shamefully huge bets that differed his instantly from the grey crowd.

Just like with any other gambler, his destiny turned face and back to him. He lost and he won and then lost again. He lost more than he won - that is actually a natural law in gambling, if the games are the games of chance. So, how do we know him? He was in one team with Richard Marcus and Jerry Palmer.

How and When

It was year 1989, when Joe Classon's team stopped its existence. Well, not team, but cheating group of professionals. But Richard Marcus could calm down and decided to gather another team. But his striving seemed to go in vain as he could not find anyone to be as good as their previous players.

And he bumped into Balls and figured out that was the treasure he was looking for. Marcus worked with him on developing the cheating skills and finally Balls turned into a wonderful roulette "claimer" and blackjack "mechanic." They started playing tough and hard.

From the previous life of horse bettor Balls knew Jerry Palmer. He invited Palmer several times before final agreement. Palmer refused many times but when he blew off his sports betting business, he joined the team. That is how this team showed up on stage.

In this team Savannah move was born and successfully applied hundreds of times in different casinos of the world. The folks worked together until 2000 when Marcus retired but continued playing until 2003.

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