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Richard Marcus

If we start talking about different casino cheaters that ever lived, we will remember many names like Richard Marcus. Let us think about Joe Jagger, who beat the casino of Monte Carlo. It is really interesting that he found the biased wheel and took advantage of it.

Then we remember such name as Charles Wells. He was the one, who wanted to be an inventor. Well, he was one, he invented the ways of deceiving people. And of course he was "the inventor." He brilliantly convinced people that he needed money for his experiences and they willingly gave him. And he lost a lot in casinos.

Never Caught

Yeah, we know about the one, who was never caught, he was never sued. That is really nice…for him. He was taken behind the scenes and asked about his deeds. But he was firm as a rock. And then, after twenty five years of cheating, he quit this business full of tension and suspicion.

That was Richard Marcus. He actually is still Marcus. He started his career as a deceived little boy, who was taken advantage of by older guys. He started doing the same to other kids. And it did not take him long to make enough money to leave his native town and move to Vegas.

Know How

And there came time when he blew everything he had. And then he lived in the Vegas streets for some time. And later he got a job of a dealer in the casino. He dealt blackjack and baccarat. That is how he met Joe Classon, who took him to the team of the pastposters.

Their first winning happened to be $21,000. And it took place in the late 70s. Later he created his own team that even included a lady. They made a lot on pastposting in each casino game, where pastposting was possible.

He was the one, who invented Savannah move. The team had been using this scam for five years. And in 2000 he retired and went to another side of the battlefield. He wrote five books, among which is "American Roulette," "Dirty Poker," "Identity Theft, Inc.," "Identity Theft, Inc.," and "Great Casino Heist."

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