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The Savannah Move

roulette savannah-move - imageIn any kind of cheating roulette table layout is important. Especially it concerns cheating for real stake. Savannah move is a relatively new move among the cheating methods. It was made up or invented by Richard Marcus.

He used to be a grand casino cheater, although he started as a nice guy. It is a pure cheating thing. You simply get two chips: one is $5 chip and another is $5000 chip. You put the higher value chip underneath the cheaper one. But you are to put the chips in such a way that the dealer would not see the bottom chip. You slightly push the upper chip towards the dealer. He sees that there are two chips but he doesn't know that the bottom one is really high value. And make your bet.

In case you did not win, you sharply take your bet away. That is the case when roulette table layout and your position at the table matter. It is better not to make high payout bets but to place your bets in the outside sections. If the dealer notices you, you are busted. You get hell.

So, in case you don't get caught, you just continue kind of playing. If you get caught you should pretend you are drunk. The dealer would start shouting to put the chips down or to put the chips back.

That is why you are to have a glass of tonic with you. You pretend you are drunk. Cuz you might have some alcohol in your glass. Then you simply start apologizing for being so inattentive. But at the same time you take two other chips $5 each. Pretty impressive, ha?

So, in case you win, you are usually paid for two $5 chips. Usually such bets are outside and they are paid 1 to 1 or 2 to 1. Then you can start your prepared speech, like "What's the problem. There is $5000 under…" and so on and so forth.

It is a very risky method as not only the dealer but also the players can notice that. That is why such moves are performed only by professional cheaters. If you are more than convinced that they would not catch you, think about the guys who are constantly watching you, in other words the cheatcatchers.

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