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The Roulette Mix-Up

roulette-mix-up - imageMix-up stacks, mixed up feelings and mixed winnings. That is what the roulette mix-up offers to give. But in reality it is a bit different. If earlier ploys included only fast reaction and good moves, here it is all combined with psychological pressure. And you will need a good actress. Plus she has to be a good looking one.

Great variety of scamming methods offers so many interesting and risky ventures. All of them are illegal but when people want to apply them, who cares that they are against the law? Everyone thinks that he is invincible and the best of the best. But anyway, let us consider this ploy.


There are 4 roles for this "game."

Mechanic is a player responsible for switching the chips.

Claimer is a player, in this case it is a pretty lady, who will claim the winning.

Chip Bettors are the players, who are just sitting and betting. They do not take part in the scam but if it is necessary, they distract the dealer. And they make consequent bets in order to control the dealer's moves that give the Mechanic to do the dirty things with the chips called replacement.

Act 1

The claimer comes to the table, buys in 100 chips $1 each. The dealer gives her 5 stacks of 20 chips each. She builds some kind of a wall with the chips. Two stacks, two stacks and behind the two rows there is one, which will play the main role.

She makes a sandwich of $1-$100-$1-$100-$1. That is the mix-up stack. She plays and carefully hides the mix-up stack. She buys more chips and in certain moment there is time for the trick. She bets five chips in nine stacks of nine numbers. The mix-up is place closer to the mechanic and further from the dealer.

Act 2

The mechanic has a stack of $1 chips and carefully replaces the mix-up one with the simple one. Let's say that one of the stacks won and the dealer placed a dolly on it. After the dealer marked the winning bet the mechanic has a moment to replace it, as the dealer takes his eyes off the bet.

Act 3

The claimer starts her stupid play act, like "Where are my black ($100) chips?" She starts looking all over and finally she says "Here they are…" pointing at the mix-up stack. Everyone is happy. The dealer does not have a thought about the trick, especially after he receives $100 chip as a tip.

Everyone is happy. There might be some mix-up feelings, but who pays attention, if this dump girl is "just lucky?" It is a type of pastposting but it requires not only good technical skills but acting skills. Richard Marcus was good at it, he trained his team well and surprisingly they did not follow the destiny of the losers.

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