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Roulette Cheaters

Being a gambler is expensive, especially if you are a losing gambler. Everyone tries beating roulette but not everyone succeeds in it. Every year gamblers lose over 6 billion dollars in the Las Vegas casinos. Isn't it a profitable business? Well, it is for the casinos and their owners. There are dozens of cheating methods and hundreds of cheaters who try to follow the scheme of the cheating tricks.

Balls Abramowitz


This man started gambling when he was wearing diapers, as his experience in gambling was immense before he became a cheater. Primarily, he was a sports bettor and made a shamefully huge bets that differed his instantly from the grey crowd. Balls turned into a wonderful roulette "claimer" and blackjack "mechanic."


Pierre Dugal


Dugal was not only a gambler, he had another profession. He was a carpenter. And from time to time he would stay in the casino and do his "magic tricks." He would go to the restroom and hide there just before the closing.

His wives betrayed him several times. And that is why he died in a prison. He should have chosen more reliable collaterals.


Monique Laurent


Monique was smoking hot. But she always cooled down the casino owner. He later realized there was something from outside that controlled the wheel. What would be other reason of a losing table while everything with its structure was ok? Her brother was placing the best and the sister was pushing the buttons on the transmitter, which was a pack of cigarettes. And one last day the owner asked Monique for a cigarette and the police arrested her.


Duke Wilson


He left his business of growing weed and became a cheater. He developed his skills to such extent that he could switch the chips with one hand and distract the dealer with another. That was mastership. It is really difficult to imagine how he managed to do all that. And the players could not notice anything. Duke Wilson was turning into a fantabulous cheater, as he managed to switch the chips in a blink of an eye.


Richard Marcus


He started his career as a deceived little boy, who was taken advantage of by older guys. Marcus started doing the same to other kids. And it did not take him long to make enough money to leave his native town and move to Vegas.

Their first winning happened to be $21,000. And it took place in the late 70s. Later he created his own team that even included a lady. They made a lot on pastposting in each casino game, where pastposting was possible.


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Roulette Cheaters

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