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The Roulette Section

There are different cheaters and the cheating schemes. The gambling world is full of surprises and intricate things. So, in case you want to be a cheater, you are to be the best. If we play internet roulette, we need to understand that we cannot win by cheating. The online roulette software is thoroughly designed and it is so difficult even to try cheating.

So the answer is obvious. Only offline roulette is possible to cheat at. But again, there are surveillance cameras everywhere, pit bosses, dealer and of course other players.

Roulette Section

roulette-section - image

The entire trick is about the roulette section. It is the third section. The whole trick is about making the dealer move in a certain way especially his head. So, the trick itself:

The main numbers are 25 through 36, which are located in the third section. It is the furthest section from the wheel and it is a beneficial position for the cheaters. Usually the trick is played with the low value chips.

There are two bettors, one of whom plays low value chips and the other plays the darkest chips, no matter what their value is. There is also a mechanic, who never buy in. he plays with the casinos $5 chips. He made his bets only in the second section or dozen.


The big bettor comes to a table to bet $100 chips. He comes only when the mechanic gives him a sign. This kind of a large bet is announced so the dealer calls the floorman. After the bet is made, either is wins or loses, the large bettor leaves the floor but stays close. He is waiting for another sign.

Once it is time for the next time, the mechanic gives a sign and the large bettor comes back. The floorman knows him, as he saw him sometime before. Then it is time for a game.

The claimer, the large bettor, goes to the first section and stands there. If one of the chip stacks won, the dealer sweeps all the chips of the losers and turns back. That is when the mechanic takes the chips and the dolly and replaces the chips with others.

No suspect that the claimer did something to the chips as he was far from the spot. And they simply replaced the low value chips with high value ones. Just like in other cheating schemes of pastposting, in the Roulette Slide or Mix-Up, it is the skills which are needed. Also if you are not afraid of being kicked of the house or imprisoned, you can do that. At least you can try.

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