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Monique Laurent

She was born on St. Valentine's Day several decades ago. She was a beautiful young lady. And her French heritage added more romance to her nature. When she turned 25 some interesting things happened in her life.

French Cigarette Pack Scam

Not French but American cigarettes were used for the scam. Those were Marlboros. It all started when a guy came to a casino to be hired as a croupier. He was smart enough to install into a ball the receiver, and the radio transmitter was built into a pack of cigarettes.

He had two collaterals. One of them was his brother-in-law and another was his sister Monique. The brother was placing the bet and the sister was pushing the buttons on the transmitter. And their "business" started prospering.

It took them a week to "win" around $1,000,000 of current money. The casino could not understand what was happening to them. Who was beating them for tons of cash? They called the service to check the wheel if it was biased or measured. But everything was fine with it. Then it was the dealer, but he did nothing unusual or mysterious.

Accidental Disclosure

Monique was smoking hot. But she was too hot for the casino owner. And she always refused him and cooled him down. The owner came up to her several times for a cigarette. But she managed operating the device even in his presence. Her husband told her that the owner is no problem as he is too interested in her.

And one day the owner gave up. He realized that he would never have success with that woman and changed his strategy. He wondered why the table was losing when Monique was near. And the day of great disclosure came. The owners realized there was something from outside that controlled the wheel. And one last day the owner asked Monique for a cigarette and the police arrested her.

This scam was depicted in the movie "Les Tricheurs." Of course there were other cheaters who succeeded but then were caught, but not so painfully like Monique. Sometimes the cheaters like Pierre Dugal were hunted and caught by the cheatcatchers like Oscar Gabin.

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