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Duke Wilson

There are different types of cheaters. There are lucky cheaters, there are stupid cheaters, there are also talented scammers and there are former and imprisoned cheaters. There is a huge set for different tastes.

They can be divided also into groups according to their preferences in casino games. Some like cards, some like chips. And some like both. Some like specific types of cheating, like top hatting or just stealing chips.

Getting Started

But there are some cheaters who really like "messing up" with the chips and the dealer. Duke Wilson was one of them. His gambling career would never start if he had not met his wife. She was Joe Classon's secretary. He gathered a team of the cheaters and from time to time he invited Wilson to join his company.

Wilson had an interesting business of growing marijuana. He used most part of his "harvest" for domestic use rather than for selling. But gradually Classon convinced him to change his job. And Wilson became a "claimer."

But soon enough he switched for the "mechanic." It is a risky cheating job as he is responsible for switching the chips on the table after the dolly was placed on top. He was turning into a fantabulous cheater, as he managed to switch the chips in a blink of an eye.

He improved his skills to such extent that he could switch the chips with one hand and distract the dealer with another. That was mastership. It is really difficult to imagine how he managed to do all that. And the players could not notice anything. And I'm not even talking about eye in the sky.

Their team toured around the country's gaming centers and later their "tour" was moved to Europe. And it lasted for 8 years and later it was called one of the best organized cheating teams. Richard Marcus later joined this team. They were the object of close look of Robert Griffin's agency.

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