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Cheatcatchers - Beating Roulette

roulette beatingBeating roulette is vitally important in the game of roulette. Not everyone can do that. That is why the cheaters show up on a horizon.

The city of Las Vegas numbers 15 out of 20 largest hotels of the world. Now you can imagine the scale of the running business here. And downstairs there are casinos that bring these millions to the owners. That is why the casinos are so concerned about the guarding, security and everything connected to it. None wants his money stolen. That is why they improve everything that can be improved.

Among the casino games are slots, blackjack, poker, video poker, craps, and baccarat.The same variety exists in online casino And beating roulette is a little part of the casino security headaches. As you might have noticed that the casinos are ready to spend much money on security. Las Vegas casinos spend $6,750,000 on protection. It makes the fifth part of the annual "donation" to the security services across the country. There are people, who are skilled and have nose for the cheaters.

Oscar Gabin

He is the first one to be known as a cheatcatcher, whose job was full-time finding the cheaters. He was a simple guy with a nose for cheaters. He worked for the French National Police in a specialized casino crime unit. The most famous thing that Gabin did was catching Pierre Dugal for making the wheels biased.

Andy Anderson

Anderson's craft was walking around the casinos and looking for different scammers. He watched the people, learnt the behavior patterns of the scams and he could guess cheaters in disguise. He was that man who was the closest to revealing Richard Marcus but he never brought him to the court. That is funny as after Marcus retired, he started cooperating with Anderson in cheat catching.

Beverly Griffin

She owned Griffin Investigations after divorce. Griffin said that single card counters are cool because it is a skill while the groups of the skilled people are evil. Although the agency was involved in solving MIT case and still the staff enjoys their triumph, they lost the focus of search and that is why they paid a high price.

Robert Griffin

For Robert Griffin it was a security way all the time. He started his Griffin Detective Agency in 1967. Before that he was a detective in the Metropolitan Police Department. The main task of the agency was to protect the casinos from the cheaters of all kinds and also from the pickpockets and other types of thieves. He married and later divorced with his wife Beverly Griffin, who took over the agency.

Henry Bee

None knows who Henry Bee is in reality. Everyone knows he is a cheatcatcher but very few people know his real name. It is interesting how he manages to stay out of view. The legend about him says that he was caught and in exchange of his health he would work as a cheatcatcher and will keep his all bones safe.

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