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Privacy Policy

Win-at-Roulette.org would not process any kind of information for visiting the site anonymously. However, personal data is required in some cases. Here is our statement about this aspect.
For questions related to our products, you will be asked to provide us with a minimum of information. We would assure you that we would only request the minimum information needed, and we would never request for additional dates.
The next statement would apply on any page and subpage of the Win-at-Roulette.org website, and any other related information that can be found on Win-at-Roulette.org the site contains links to third party websites, including partners and affiliate websites. Those partners are the subject of other policies; therefore, we would advise you to read those terms also.
The collected data
Our website would track information for visitors and it could also send it to other partners under some strict conditions.

  1. The dates about visits date and time, IP and location are gathered automatically by our tracking programs. Certified cookies could be used in this case. Please check the section about cookies for additional details. Win-at-Roulette.org places a cookie on every visitor's computer, as this method is needed to gather non-personal information. The cookies are deleted automatically based on the settings of your browser. Please check the terms and condition of your browser's provider for a detailed section about cookies.

Personal Information
Personal information can be collected only with the approval of the owner. Once we have your personal information, we won't require it again for participating in contests and promotions. We would use it to verify the winners, and we would also reserve the right to ask for additional details if we would suspect frauds.

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