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Stefano Hourmouzis

There are people who simply lie. There are many kids who lie. It is natural for little kids to start lying as they start realizing what is good and what is wrong. They figure out what life is and of course the punishment. For adults it is "ok" to lie as they are adults and they "don't want" to harm anyone. They think it is better this way than to face the truth. There are some tips to learn the truth.

Roulette Tips or Don't Want to Be Fooled

big roulette wheel

There are frauds. There are such people who deceive you and swindle your cash. There are people who steal money from you like pickpockets, thieves and robbers. There are frauds who do thing to your account and then you stay penniless. Have you heard of such things?

Smart or Not

Well, there are other types of swindling money from people. It concerns roulette players. There are smart and not really smart roulette gamers. Smart are those who know the rules and the etiquette. They know what they can or can't do and so on.

There are those who want to win. They possibly know all the rules and even etiquette. But they can't realize why they cannot win. They forget or do not want to believe or refuse to believe or something else that roulette wheel has no memory.

Who Is Stefano Hourmouzis?

They are an easy prey for the hunters like Stefano Hourmouzis, who is actually Steven. He sells a program that is promised to be a roulette winning strategy. It costs not much, just some $2,000. Well, it is not much if you invest this money in something really worthy. But people suppose that it is their last resort in buying this system.

He was imprisoned several times. But he still continues the fraud activity. Nothing is good about him. But people keep believing. He says that he would refund if the system does not work. But he does not even care about those people… That is the payout for being so naïve. Simple cheaters play with the casino. Such cheaters are playing with other players.

People keep trusting but it is a fraud based on people faith. He does not steal money from people. They bring it to him. That is the thing to be careful about.

Purchasing such software can be compared to betting that the fish would drown if you put it in water. What are the chances?? Like 0 to millions.

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